5 Reasons To Host Your Next Event in Gastown

Posted by Nicole Yeh in Zone Vancouver 06 Nov 2014

The importance of event location can never be understated. Here in Vancouver, corporate and private functions are increasingly being held at a Gastown address. The charming district of Vancouver, with its rich history, vibrancy and accessibility makes for a wonderful event environment. Here are five reasons why Gastown is a great location for your next event.

1. Historic charm & character

As one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods (first established in 1867), Gastown has endured, despite being threatened by the Great Vancouver Fire of 1886 and facing talks of demolition in the 1960s. Thanks to dedicated citizens who took it upon themselves to save Gastown’s architecture and character, the district is now a national historic site, retaining its independent spirit and distinctive charm amidst the modern skyscrapers that dominate the cityscape. Zone Vancouver is located in a large five-story brick-and-stone heritage building that was constructed in 1906. We pride ourselves on the wooden beams of the converted warehouse and the fusion of old and modern that defines all Gastown buildings.

2. Pleasant mix of tourists and residents

Zone_Vancouver_Clock_TowerThe picturesque cobblestone streets and the infamous Steam Clock draws tourists from all over the world, but despite its quaint appearance, Gastown is a thriving neighborhood that is anything but frozen in time. Home to a growing number of residents, many of whom work in the area, Gastown offers tourists an authentic glimpse into the day-to-day life of locals. Hosting your event here means an authentic experience for your attendees.

3. Thriving independent businesses

You’d be hard pressed to find a locale with a higher concentration of independent cafes, barbershops, bars, and lovingly curated boutiques anywhere in Vancouver. With an abundance of shops tucked in the smallest nooks and side streets, there’s something new to be discovered even for the most seasoned locals. From the modern home décor of Parliament, the heirloom products of Old Faithful, to the men and women’s boutiques Roden Gray and One of a Few, Gastown boasts some of the most cutting edge design in the city, run by people who are passionate about what they do. Being surrounded by all this creativity puts many Gastown visitors in a creative mindset. That might just be the right atmosphere for your event!

4. Plenty of dining options

Gastown was created when “Gassy Jack” Deighton arrived on the south shore of the Burrard Inlet in 1867, carrying a barrel of whiskey and a promise to share a drink with the locals if they’d build him a saloon. The business was up and running within a day. Since then, the neighborhood has been home to some of Vancouver’s finest drinking establishments, from the Alibi Room’s wide selection of beer on tap to the Pourhouse’s elegantly crafted cocktails. At night, distinctive, old-fashioned street lamps and a host of restaurants and bars, keep the area humming well into the morning hours. Gastown provides visitors with a wide range of entertainment and dining options for both before and after your event

5. Vibrant creative and tech community

GGP14_Chris.crowd_Ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine Gastown becoming home to Vancouver’s up-and-coming tech scene. Today, local coffee shops and offices are buzzing with excitement in the wake of local tech trailblazers such as Hootsuite, now a billion-dollar business. Throughout the district, you’ll find many design houses and galleries, generating a unique atmosphere of creative energy. The brilliant minds who live and work here are not only changing the neighborhood with their innovative ideas, but also bringing international attention to the the Vancouver design and tech scene.

Holding your event in Gastown is sure to ignite and excite your attendees. We’re proud to be a part of this community and look forward to hearing from you. If you need a private venue for your small to medium sized event, drop us a line today or give us a call to tell us about your event and find out how we can help you plan a successful affair in the heart of Gastown.

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